Cats and spite, how to educate a mischievous cat

November 5, 2019

Some useful suggestions to educate the mischievous cat and improve animal and human coexistence, from eating house plants, scratching the sofa, peeing at home and waking up at night: why do our pets do it? Spite and demands the attention of our pet. Cats and spite, how to calm a spiteful cat Even if we […]

New Year’s barrels and cats, how to limit damage

October 30, 2019

The roar of firecrackers, fireworks, and barrels trigger in animals a natural reaction of fear that frequently leads them to lose their orientation, thus exposing them to the risk of loss or investment. Cats and New Year, pay attention to the barrels How to safeguard pets from New Year’s barrels? Lots of animal protection and […]

How cats behave when it rains and why some go in the rain

October 16, 2019

How does our four-legged pet behave when it rains or a thunderstorm is coming: is it normal for our feline to love being underwater during a downpour? The behavior of cats when it rains, what a cat does when it feels the rain The ancients are never wrong, and when they say that a cat […]

Cats, flea and tick alarms even in winter

October 12, 2019

Despite the cold, the parasites that infest the hair and the skin of small cats can create a dangerous infestation in the home: what to do to eradicate fleas and ticks permanently. How to fight fleas and ticks in winter Fleas and ticks represent one of the most frequent problems encountered in a domestic friend, […]

Burying dead cats in cemeteries in family graves

September 29, 2019

Every 2nd November the dear deceased are remembered. It would be nice to allow the burial of domestic animals together with the owners in the niches and family tombs. It is the proposal that Aidaa, or the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, has sent to the Italian Government in order […]

Ignition heating 2017, how to treat cats in winter

September 9, 2019

Suggestions and advice on how to turn on radiators without harming our feline friends: all about heating up 2017 in the presence of cats and how to treat them in winter with regards to shelters, feeding and the ration of water How to treat cats in winter: advice on heating, feeding, and water When we […]

How to transform a cat-friendly home

September 8, 2019

A pet is arriving: how to prepare the house in order to facilitate the coexistence between cat and man? Cat-friendly house, how to furnish it and what to buy for the cat Transforming a cat-sized apartment can be much easier if enthusiasm is moved by the same animal. It is not an easy decision, but […]

Cats in safety, how to make terrace and garden anti fall and escape

September 6, 2019

Pelosetti run over or smashed to the ground because of a slippery railing or for a light-hearted escape: making feline-proof terrace and garden has never been easier and cheaper, but how do you choose a cat fence safely online? Fall and escape-proof cat fence, how and where to find it online Cats injured or dead […]

How to make your house cat happy without fatigue

September 1, 2019

Masters of felines, do you know what your cat likes? If you believe that the answer is eating, sleeping and exploring you are wrong: this is how to make your cat happy by knowing his character and the things he loves and hates most How to make a feline happy, free and semi-free without fatigue […]

Cat-proof Christmas, safety rules

August 13, 2019

Christmas 2017, decorate the house with the cat Christmas is approaching and the house is filled with decorations and objects that can be dangerous for our cats, naturally attracted by cables, lights and, above all, by the Christmas tree, considered as a huge scraper. An alternative is to give up everything, but what Christmas mood […]