Pregnancy, cats can harm women’s health?

The cats could have negative effects on the health of women in pregnancy. This is very surprising news, which often circulates on the web with explanations that are too vague and that we will try to analyze considering the real risks to which future mothers could be subjected. The risk theoretically exists according to experts and the disease in question, transferable from cats to pregnant women due to serious effects, is toxoplasmosis.

In the interview given by Dr. Elena Zannoni to the Humanitas Health portal, however, we discovered that toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease caused by a common parasite in mammals and birds, with some precautions can be kept away from one’s cat, being so far from danger even if you are in the process of pregnancy.

” Cats can experience toxoplasmosis by eating infected meat and the only way to transmit this disease to pregnant women is by contacting them and the animal’s feces,” says the expert in Conservative and Endoscopic Surgery.

Dr. Zannoni also adds that pregnant women should have no problems with domestic cats , bringing the risks to zero if you control the food they are given (absolutely preferring pet food) to prevent the cat from finding the parasite and doing absolutely so that there is no contact with the earth (where there may be animal feces remaining) always using protective gloves.

That cats can harm, even seriously, the health of pregnant women is, therefore, a real factor, as it is true that there is the possibility of canceling this danger with simple precautions.

Our cat food, why not?

Many believe that the “old-fashioned” feeding model for cats is the best one, which is to make them eat what we humans eat. The statement was analyzed, in an interview published today in the online edition of the Republic, by the veterinary doctor Marco Melosi, who compared the homemade food (leftovers, or in any case food for human beings) to pet food.

Melosi has rejected without a doubt in this regard the hypothesis that our food can be comparable to the one intended for cats, saying: “ Our feline friends have a very different requirement compared to ours, from which different food needs derive. To tell the truth, it is not enough to even distinguish ‘food for humans’ from ‘ cat food ‘, because the foods and the daily quantity with which they are administered to the animal also vary according to the size and age of the cat “.

Marco Melosi then explained an interesting datum, concerning the importance represented by the proteins for cats, which proportionally must take on three times the number of humans: “ While a man needs only 15% of calories of his daily requirement through proteins, they represent 45% of the total need in cats on average. But this is only one of the many parameters to be respected (there are 42 different ones) for correct and balanced nutrition “. Thus concludes Melosi, who wants the bosses to understand the importance of pet food, essential for the health of the cat despite it requires economic efforts not just compared to the common food.

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