New Year’s barrels and cats, how to limit damage

The roar of firecrackers, fireworks, and barrels trigger in animals a natural reaction of fear that frequently leads them to lose their orientation, thus exposing them to the risk of loss or investment.

Cats and New Year, pay attention to the barrels

How to safeguard pets from New Year’s barrels?

Lots of animal protection and veterinary associations offer practical advice on how to protect dogs, cats, and other pets from risks.

New Year’s Eve is always the least loved day for dogs and cats.

The bursting of fireworks can be frightening to the point that the animal could develop a real phobia and aversion not only for this noise but also for others of minor entities.

Between dog and cat, it is the canine quadruped that responds in an exaggerated way to the noise, often trying to escape or with anxious behaviors such as urinating around, vocalizing, panting, trembling and trying to hide. In extreme cases, they show symptoms similar to a human panic attack.

Even the feline can have this behavior, even if the most frequent reaction is the instinct to hide.

Dog and cat sensitive to noise

Dogs and cats have much more developed hearing than humans and the loud noises throw them into a panic, causing them to instinctive and uncontrolled reactions such as throw themselves into the void, struggle madly to escape, climb over fences and escape to the street by seriously endangering their safety and that of passers-by.

Here are some practical tips to prevent our animal friends from getting hurt, causing accidents or getting injured.

New Year’s tips with Fido and Fifi

Both for the cat, but also for those who have a dog, it is very important that they do not face their fears alone, as well as removing all objects that could cause injury and serious damage to pets.

Also avoid leaving them in the garden, as they can perform unpredictable gestures, such as jumping off the fence and running away, and the same with regards to the balcony and terrace, as they can jump into the void and hurt themselves.

Woe to tie them with the chain, as they could strangle themselves. It may happen that the canine and the feline can hide in the house.

Better to leave them in their makeshift shelter and ignore them as much as possible even when the first signs of agitation appear, because calming pets and rewarding them can be counterproductive.

It is useful to keep the radio and TV on when there are New Year’s barrels to muffle the noise and a tip for older animals and cats in particular.

If they are very old and have heart problems, it is best to consult a veterinarian in advance to be ready for any eventuality, while cats should never be looked into the eyes, as they could become aggressive and attack.

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