Male and female cat differences: how to recognize them?

It is said that a male cat is much more cuddly than the female cat, more hunter and wild. Instead, every feline has its own personality regardless of gender. Experiences during his first months of life can irreparably mark a cat, just as it does for human beings. And as humans have predominant characters, but that does not determine the sex of belonging. So what are the differences between male and female cats and how to recognize them?

How to recognize a male cat from a female

Let’s start with the statement that it is difficult to establish the sex of a puppy before six to ten weeks of age, although it would be especially important if it is a stray or unsociable kitten. In general, the tail is gently lifted and the distance between the genital organs and the anus is observed. It is a male cat if the two orifices are very far from them, while it is female if no space is noticed. Moreover, if the shape of the genitals is roundish, it is certainly a male, if instead, it has a vertical slit, it is certainly a kitten.

Character differences between a male and female cat

Determining whether a cat is male or female with character is a gamble, but you can try: in general, sterilized boys are much more cuddly and affectionate than females, more aggressive due to the maternal instinct to protect their offspring. This is why the sissy is combative and reticent towards strangers. But basically there are no fundamental differences between males and females, apart from the period of heat and mating it is unsterilized felines. In this case, an unsterilized female enters heat twice a year and will change behavior: she will be hyperactive and always looking for a partner, besides being noisy and agitated. The male instead tends to escape during this period, especially during the night. Moreover, it will tend to spray its smells everywhere, including the house, and it will find itself involved in feline fights, so it can have scratches and wounds. The female will instead fight only to protect her cubs. In his imprinting there is also the need to feed his little children, for this reason, hunting is his forte.

Health differences between male and female cats

Also with regard to the health of the male and female cats, there are no differences if they are both sterilized. Females are more likely to contract breast cancer than a sterilized cat: it is often lethal, such as uterine and ovarian cancer. Non-castrated male cats, in addition to the possibility of developing cancer, may suffer from kidney stones and obstructions to the urinary tract compared to female cats. Regular visits to the veterinarian and basic vaccinations, in addition to thinking ahead about castration and sterilization, can preserve the health of your cat, be it male or female.

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