Ignition heating 2017, how to treat cats in winter

Suggestions and advice on how to turn on radiators without harming our feline friends: all about heating up 2017 in the presence of cats and how to treat them in winter with regards to shelters, feeding and the ration of water

How to treat cats in winter: advice on heating, feeding, and water

When we talk about heating or heating 2017, we talk about what the law says and the legislation on when and how radiators are turned on, given that we are now in November. Not so much for those who have independent heating, but for those who live in a condominium with a centralized boiler. In this case, the start-up date will be regulated by the regulation present in each city, as per anti-pollution regulations. The pets, the cats, in particular, need to warm in the house, but it is good to observe some rules to make them well. In addition to heating, it is also necessary to observe some precautions to give the pelosettis adequate food and water rations, because they need the energy to maintain constant body temperature, but the danger of freezing is always lurking. Also, how to behave if you have to look after more cats (for example, a feline colony ), or a kitten, or a sick specimen?

Treating a cat in winter, paying attention to temperature changes

The cat, even if it does not seem, is a very delicate animal. Even if he has hair, this does not mean he has to stay in the cold when the owner has to go to work or is away from home. It is, therefore, necessary that the heating is efficient even for our pelosetti friends. It is, therefore, necessary to observe small and simple rules to let our felines live in a house with a warm warmth, and certainly not in a place where only penguins would be good: to have the system properly maintained every year and to maintain a temperature between 18 and 20 degrees, for example. The cat, even if it wants to go out, will have to spend more time in the home. Winter is a hard season and not everyone is lucky enough to have a master. If it is a feline colony or a very independent cat, everything becomes problematic. But it can be organized thanks to recycling. Never throw away large empty boxes: just cover them with old woolen blankets or torn sweaters or those that are no longer used to break down the problem of cold. It must be remembered that felines have a higher body temperature than humans, so it could withstand harsh temperatures, but the real danger is humidity. Always check that the basket and beds are dry.

Turn on heating 2017 and cats in winter, check power and water

Beware of temperature and climatic changes, especially in the case of convalescent cats, puppies or thyroid problems: the latter tend to seek the heat obsessively. Sudden changes in temperature can be a source of stress and your four-legged friend may get very seriously ill. In addition to observing the rules for heating in winter, cats need to take care of feeding at this time of year. The cats tend to eat more during the hard season, as they need a lot of energy to maintain constant body temperature. Watch out for the food bowl and to that of water: wet food and liquid can freeze if you feed the cat outside the home. You could heat the gruel, but in moderation, because a hot meal could become dangerous for the hairy. As for water, there are commercially available battery bowls capable of keeping the liquid at the minimum temperature, avoiding freezing. Excellent solution for feline colonies and for those who have adopted many cats.

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