How to transform a cat-friendly home

A pet is arriving: how to prepare the house in order to facilitate the coexistence between cat and man?

Cat-friendly house, how to furnish it and what to buy for the cat

Transforming a cat-sized apartment can be much easier if enthusiasm is moved by the same animal. It is not an easy decision, but certainly accessible, which must respect the needs of the domestic cat. For those with this kind of coexistence behind them, there is a strong awareness of the type of relationship that can exist between man and cat, very different beings, but which can become best friends. Despite this, they are divided by a subtle, very strong balance that pushes these two opposites to attract and respect each other. Especially if time, space and pace of the domestic cat are respected.

Which furniture is suitable for the cat

Every cat has its own character, who knows who is lucky enough to own so many. But every cat is an independent animal, often detached, autonomous in search of its own privacy and love. A being that also requires small spaces where it is possible to doze without being disturbed or shelves and furniture where to jump and run. Maximum attention to furnishing, which must be simple, without frills and at the same time safe. In doing so, the human will have furniture that is easy to use and the feline will not feel intimidated or suffocated and will appreciate their home.

How to transform a cat house with a simple tower scratching post

The risk of having fine furniture is that of the feline’s nails: it is almost certain that, due to nervousness, he will make his claws on the leg of the nineteenth-century table, or climb on the very precious damask curtains. Fortunately, experts in animal behavior also have a solution for those who cannot afford to change couches and upholstery every month. You can buy scratching posts, those with more shelves, which have a dual function. In addition to becoming a perfect manicure salon for felines, the shelves and any shelters present will stimulate the game, and certainly the cat will place itself on the highest shelves to dominate the house and its inhabitants from above. The cat, after all, just wants to keep its habitat under control to reassure itself and sleep quiet naps. Better to place the tower in a very quiet part of the house, sprinkle it with catnip to relax the feline, or by putting some croquette on it around, so as to associate the instrument with something beautiful. If you have the chance, it is useful to place a jar of fresh catnip near it. The cat will serve itself since it is a vegetable that stimulates relaxation. Beware that for some cats it has the opposite effect, so don’t be afraid if it starts to run around like crazy!

Dog beds and litter for the cat, where they can be placed at home

Kennels and litter boxes must be placed in different environments. The first in quiet corners and sheltered from the noise, in order to make the animal feel protected. The litter box can be placed in the bathroom in a quiet area where privacy is preserved. To make it better, every cat should have an extra litter box. In the case of more than one cat, sharing is not always part of the feline’s soul, which is why even the bowls will have to be inadequate numbers for the home cats to serve food and always fresh water. It is important to make spaces such as cabinets, drawers, washing machines and dishwashers that could pose a danger, as well as plants and flowers inaccessible, products for cleaning the house and personal hygiene left open and other dangers. Even a pillow next to an open window can be the right solution for having a happy domestic cat.

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