How to measure the friendship with our cat

With a few small tricks, you can understand what your cat thinks of you, thus measuring your friendship with him and trying to find ways to improve it day after day.

  1. Purring cat

The cast is the main signal that sends always the cat towards his master, showing that with us our friend feels safe and quiet. But be careful not to always take this statement as good, because sometimes cats purr even when they suffer or are injured, but it will not be difficult to distinguish the two reactions.

  1. He loves to sleep with us

If in the moments when you hold your cat in your arms it often happens that you fall asleep, or that you even look for it when you sleep to sleep with you, it is the demonstration of an absolute affection towards you.

  1. A smile … with a tail

We humans express our gratitude to others with a smile. Our cat, on the other hand, shows it with a tail: if when the animal approaches you it is high in the shape of a question mark, it shows happiness in seeing you.

  1. Physical contact

The cat that loves to play with you giving you small bites (without exaggerating, of course), rubbing or licking you, shows a very high emotional bond.

  1. Very special gifts

As a great hunter of mice and birds, your cat could bring you small dead animals. Don’t scold him, because it’s a way cats use to show their love to their master, helping to provide him with “food”.

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