How to make your house cat happy without fatigue

Masters of felines, do you know what your cat likes? If you believe that the answer is eating, sleeping and exploring you are wrong: this is how to make your cat happy by knowing his character and the things he loves and hates most

How to make a feline happy, free and semi-free without fatigue

The cat is opportunist, independent, shy and solitary. These features are the most common to describe this extraordinary pet. But will it be true? The years spent with man have inevitably changed the nature of a simple feline hunter in a pet capable of great affection. Many owners are wrong to say that one cat is the same as another and who owns more than one cat knows this well. There are more affectionate cats and other shyer, those more sleepy and more lively. Even the categories related to the breed can only partially identify the typical cat. The main reason is that only everyday life together with your cat can make the animal’s character and its nuances knew over time. Many people have a cat and think they treat it like a king and are happy, but have they ever really wondered what the animal likes and dislikes, whether it hates or loves a certain human behavior or tolerates it for the love of its master?

Cat’s happiness, knowing the feline character

It has been shown that felines have intellect and that, like humans, they hate certain things and love to do other things. The individual’s character helps determine what they like and don’t like. The cat is a discreet and reserved animal that normally does not like physical contact like a dog. There are specific cases, such as a kitten a few months old, grown up and used to cuddling and human manipulations. However, if his character is reserved, he will let himself go only with his mother and father, human and with family people, never with strangers. Tendentially, a cat will oppose the persistent and continuous caresses, unless he looks for them himself. A domestic cat does not always equate to a happy cat. Often the animal is bored and may need company and attention from the owner. He will come closer and purr like thankfulness. Not infrequently, he chooses his “victim”, a member of the family as a reference point with which he is particularly attached. The relationship between felines is different. They tend to organize themselves into social groups with a precise hierarchy. The physical contact between them varies between sniffing the tips of the nose to mutual grooming. Several studies have shown that cohabitation is more serene if all members are sterilized.

What to do and not do for a happy cat

But in the end, how to make your cat happy without fatigue? Obviously, giving them food . But it doesn’t just mean giving him food by relying on the voracity of cats. The cats are gourmets and even if they are hungry, they will surely refuse the contents of their bowl. As a matter of health, if you want to catch a cat with a difficult appetite , it is better to include fish in the diet in the form of dry food, wet and fresh food (beware of bones). Do cats hate water? Nì, in the sense that certainly a feline will not get wet, but loves to have a bowl of fresh water ready to drink. And that’s why they tend to climb on the bathroom sink: they see water running from the tap and it is a pleasure to drink for them. Important is that food and liquid are far from each other and very far from the litter box, for hygienic reasons. Instinct suggests to the animal not to drink water contaminated by the dead carcasses of the hunted animals. Even if they are in the form of a can of tuna or croquettes. And, after having refreshed themselves, the felines must devote themselves to three things: sharpening their claws, playing inside and outside the house and grooming. It matters little if the loving masters will buy balls, expensive scratching posts and dead hair brushes. The feline, to feel free, can also get fingernails on the cardboard of the old boxes and chase paper balls, chair felt pads or fallen bottle caps. It is important to have fun, even if the game has an educational function when practiced between them. A suggestion is to spread some boxes around the house, in order to satisfy the need to hide . A secret to neutralize and calm an agitated cat ? Imitate the moment of the toilet: just moisten your hands and gently massage the legs, the neck and the outer part of the ears, respecting the cat’s need to take its space. It is also important to explain it to children, because six dogs bite, cats scratch to defend themselves and risks are proportional to the feline’s anger.

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