Dogs and cats can be kissed on the mouth, the search

According to recent research by Dr. Charles Raison who coordinates Arizona University, those who own dogs and cats can continue to be fond of them.

There are many people who showed their affection by giving kisses to the dog on the mouth or to the kitten. According to Dr. Charles Raison, there is no danger to health.

” The researchers – explains Dr. Charles Raison – will monitor how life with a dog can promote the growth of positive microorganisms in the human intestine, enough however to improve the physical and mental health of the elderly. In reality, we want to understand if the dog works like yogurt for humans “.

Many existing studies have shown that dogs enhance children’s immune systems, which are only useful for fighting allergies and asthma.

” We think dogs can act as probiotics to improve the health of the bacteria that win in our guts. These bacteria, or intestinal macrobiotics, are increasingly recognized for playing an essential role on our physical and mental health, especially as we age “, confirms Dr. Raison.

But what effects do dogs and cats have on older people?

” Over the millennia we have co-evolved together with dogs – explains Kim Kelly, anthropology researcher who is part of this study – but no one understands what this dog-man relationship is that makes us feel good about dogs. Is it just that they are tender and we like to caress them or is there something else under the skin? ».

To verify the study, we look for volunteers who are over 50 years of age and who keep a pet at home for at least three months.

This is the announcement published on the Independent and the Daily Mail. The volunteers will be subjected to checks with non-invasive methods to verify changes in the intestinal flora.

Researchers will provide volunteers who will keep pets with them and pay for veterinary expenses.

Attention in the six months prior to the experiment, the volunteer must not have taken antibiotics, nor lived with another pet.

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