Cats in safety, how to make terrace and garden anti fall and escape

Pelosetti run over or smashed to the ground because of a slippery railing or for a light-hearted escape: making feline-proof terrace and garden has never been easier and cheaper, but how do you choose a cat fence safely online?

Fall and escape-proof cat fence, how and where to find it online

Cats injured or dead after falling from railings and fences: but how, were they not bionic animals that land on their feet? How many wrong clichés can endanger our pelosetti friends! Deaths and permanent damage due to this type of accident. Of course, the feline owners do not have to move to the ground floor to secure their cat but look for solutions so that the animal does not get into trouble and face bad falls, or its escapades do not turn into tragedy. Just the passage of a butterfly, an adventurous lizard that climbs up the gutter also on the top floor of a skyscraper to provoke the little hunter. Or if it is the case of uncastrated boys, the risk is that they themselves throw themselves down from balconies or high floors to reach the cat in heat.

Cats in safety, because of a net in the terrace and garden

The unlucky cats carry the signs of the fall: several injuries, constant pain, and suffering, so that some pelosettis, unfortunately, are suppressed because the damages are so serious that they would be condemned to live as vegetables, given that many report brain damage and total paralysis. For this reason, it is important to make gardens and balconies safe, especially if you live in an apartment at the top. But why also secure the garden? Because, like the balcony, even a fence or a crumbling hill can be a danger to the animal, not only because of the ruinous falls but because of the greedy opportunities to escape, to get away and to follow particular smells or very fast preys. Our four-legged friend, mustache and tail, focused on his escape, may not see that a car is falling on him, or he can lose his way home. Returning to the fences and terraces, although cats have an extraordinary balance, a gust of wind or a sudden noise is enough to scare the cat and make it fall. And a simple wall covering for the terrace is not enough: from personal experience, catwalks on the railing and, thanks to the wind or humidity, it can slip. In this specific case, fortunately, the cat with its claws managed to cling to the plastic net, otherwise, it would have made a fatal flight of 10 meters.

Cats in safety, how to secure terrace and garden

So who has a garden or a balcony, what should he do? Certainly not sawing all the railings and fences, but putting in safety by integrally closing the affected area, so that these pets can not fall between the bars or the railing of the terrace and avoiding potential dangers in the garden, avoiding dramatic consequences. There are several products on the market with different materials to use, such as polycarbonate and transparent PVC, passing through mosquito nets and real anti-wrinkle and anti-fall meshes and structures.

Cats in safety, where to buy nets and fences online

The best way to find quality items without excessive costs is to buy online. The Verde Mondo by Nicola Oselladore is quality e-commerce where avid Guattari can find nets, mosquito nets and everything else needed to secure their pets. It doesn’t matter if you live with one or more cats, or if you own an apartment with one or more balconies. Or again, if you have a small or large garden, or you have an irregular terrace and apparently no possibility of closing it. There are many ways to make sure the little hunter does not get into trouble. Or just keep it away from the sun and weather. It is known that felines can easily adapt to getting air or being in the sun even on a small terrace, but safety must be given priority. Each fence and mosquito net antifungal the online shop are made in the safest possible manner, equipped with wire mesh coated with PVC, polyester parasol roof and able to resist sunlight and to atmospheric events. These tools for pets can be fixed to the ground by means of pegs to be placed in the uprights to anchor it in the ground or in the terrace, to prevent the wind from moving it around. All the structures can be found in the Shop section, they are easy to install and available in different sizes, depending on space requirements.

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