Cats and summer heat emergency: tips and suggestions

The heat has arrived and with the rising of the temperatures in Italy, after the cold of this crazy spring, the worries for the domestic animals arrive also: the cats could suffer from the summer heat because the increase of the temperature was not gradual and felines can become the main victims. The cats have by nature the particularly warm blood: they can reach 40 degrees of body, so summer becomes for them a tiring season, much more than humans. The veterinary experts have developed advice and suggestions to deal with the summer heat emergency and even save the lives of our furry friends.

The ‘ freshwater is a friend of the cats: in summer, with the heat, the cat will try to drink to quench your thirst: who has to work all day, better to buy the self-filling bowls or the advice of the experts indicate soak a cube of ice in the bowls’ water helps to keep it from overheating. Even with food, the cat can be hydrated for a hot emergency: the diet must not become heavy and the wet food can be distributed in more meals during the day, as well as dry food. In this way, digestion will not weigh down the animal. It is imperative that the basket or the kennel of the feline must be positioned in the shade, perhaps raised a few centimeters to make the air circulate. As for air conditioning: cats, even if they are hot, do not like it, but it is useful for lowering the temperature of the home during the hottest hours. Avoid therefore to let the cat out when the sun is at its peak and put the fan and conditioner in safety, to avoid injuries and accidents. The cat looking for refreshment is also very reckless! Those who do not have an air conditioner or fan, can lower the blinds or close the curtains during the hottest hours of the day. Woe to leave chemical refrigerants around the so-called blue gel envelopes to put in the freezer is lethal to the cat, which could bite them while playing.

If the cat were of a long-haired breed, it is better to shorten the coat so that it suffers less heat. With light felines, however, precautions must be taken, as they have practically white skin and, in addition to the heat, can easily burn themselves in the sun. It is, therefore, better to bathe them freshly or to wrap or pass the animal’s fur with a cloth slightly dampened to cool. It is also better to leave a wet rag near the basket or in the favorite places of the cat: to find refreshment, surely the cat will lie on it from time to time. Attention to the car: use it with the cat only as an emergency and never leave the feline unattended in the parking lot, perhaps to do the shopping: the vehicle in the sun would become a deadly trap and risk criminal consequences for animal abuse. Finally, a small scolding to the bosses: the cat is a nocturnal animal , and even if it has adapted to our rhythms, if during the day it has dozed on the sofa all day, in the evening it would be right to grant more freedom, especially considering that the night is cooler and the cat tends to let off steam by playing with night insects and exploring. The alternative, given the hot emergency and if you have a nice terrace, is to let the cat do its raids on the balcony if you are not happy at the idea of ​​knowing it around in the middle of the night!

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