Cats and spite, how to educate a mischievous cat

Some useful suggestions to educate the mischievous cat and improve animal and human coexistence, from eating house plants, scratching the sofa, peeing at home and waking up at night: why do our pets do it? Spite and demands the attention of our pet.

Cats and spite, how to calm a spiteful cat

Even if we love our pelosetto, sometimes our cat can really make us lose patience with its spite and those bold attitudes. Don’t panic: often the pranks that it combines are requests for attention that can be solved with simple tricks.

The mischievous cat eats house plants

Those who have a green thumb often see the incursion of a mischievous cat who has had the idea of ​​nibbling all the leaflets, including the newly sprouted buds. There is a solution, and it is called putting a few grains of pepper in the plant pot.

Our pet should be annoyed and run away from the sweaty green corner. Be careful, though: eating catnip is an urgent need for cats, who need it to clean their stomachs from hairballs and it can happen that in some pots they grow spontaneously.

To make him lose the habit of jumping from one pot to another, you can grow catnip for these little animals. Just sow it in a low pot and put it in your paw when it has grown 8 not before, you also eat the roots). With a little patience, he will begin to eat that and leave the beloved plants in peace and be educated to behave better.

Spite cat and scratched sofa

Have sofas and armchairs become the favorite prey of our four-legged friend?

Even in this case, it is an ancestral need of his to satisfy: getting his nails done. Cats, in fact, have retractable nails, that is they do not get affected when they walk and emerge only when needed.

To keep them sharp and clean, they must scratch some surfaces, so the outermost and worn side comes off, to make room for the new one. If the cat is a puppy, it is good to get him used to the scratching post.

It is good to buy it tall and sturdy so that this tool lasts over time. If the cat is an adult, introducing it to this instrument will be difficult, but not impossible. Furthermore, you can start to claw the claws with the cutter without touching the capillaries.

It is therefore good to cut only the white part and not the pink one. It is better to buy a scratching post and place it near the sofa, the armchair or the sofa that the spiteful cat has targeted. Another attempt involves the use of bollards; there are many on the market and many have stressed its effectiveness. Just spray them in the open areas and our pet will be far away.

Spiteful cat and pee around the house

The cat ‘s urine gives off one of the most nauseating smells and, if released in unsuitable places, they are really troubled. If the cat has got into the habit of peeing on the bed or on the couch, it may be that it is showing a discontent.

In fact, it often happens after they return from vacation, especially if you have left your pet alone or in custody with friends, relatives or in a pension, or when another animal enters the house, which is immediately perceived as a rival.

It is, therefore, real spite that your cat does because it feels offended or betrayed. But it can also be a health problem, so it is good to first take it to the vet, then, once it is established that it is only a matter of spite, to prevent him from entering the bedroom or living room.

Then, try to reassure the pet, maybe even changing the position of the litter.

It must be stationed in a sheltered place, away from food and places with strong noises. Also, make sure it is clean because like us humans we don’t like a filthy bath, the felines don’t like the dirty sandbox. And his discontent is obvious if he needs outside, but close to it.

Spite of the cat: waking up at night

Does the cat sleep all day and the night is unleashed, just when the owner wants to sleep? The cat is a nocturnal animal, a predator that at sunset sets its sights on wandering and exploring because its instinct says so: attacking its prey, even if it is its balls and its mouse-shaped puppets.

We can’t expect our pet to change just because it lives in an apartment, but you can make the cat tired by keeping it busy all day. In fact, during the day he gets bored and sleeps and for this reason, he arrives at night very heavy. You can play with him in the evening, before bedtime, so that he can release his energy.

Some try to change the routine of the pet: usually, play, hunt, eat and sleep, but not all felines follow this pattern.

Much better to pay attention and play than to find a mischievous animal on the bed that meows who want to leave the house!

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