Cat-proof Christmas, safety rules

Christmas 2017, decorate the house with the cat

Christmas is approaching and the house is filled with decorations and objects that can be dangerous for our cats, naturally attracted by cables, lights and, above all, by the Christmas tree, considered as a huge scraper. An alternative is to give up everything, but what Christmas mood would be without Christmas symbols like decorated fir and lights? So there is no need to be so drastic, just follow some practical steps to secure the house and preserve our cats from small domestic accidents.

Christmas tree and cats

Real trees are potentially more dangerous than artificial ones because of their sharp needles and their toxicity. Be careful to choose small-sized spruce to reduce the risk in case of accidental falls. If there are puppies in the house, it is a good idea to wrap the trunk directly with a tin foil and make the water container inaccessible (if using a real tree) to prevent the cat or cats from drinking, resulting in poisoning. Once these precautions have been applied, the plant must be firmly anchored to the wall or ceiling to keep it stable in the event of shocks, using a cover suitable for the base to hide ballasts and electric cables. And, of course, to avoid the danger that the cat will make it overturn.

Where to place and decorate the Christmas tree?

The area suitable for the Christmas fir tree and to prevent the cat from jumping on it is to choose a room that can be closed and made inaccessible to the cat in the absence of people. You don’t have to decorate the tree right away, better take the time to teach the cat not to climb, letting it examine the new object. A trick to avoid feline climbs is to spray the plant with a citrus spray, or just spray with citronella essence of the pine cones to be placed under the fir tree. Needless to say, the animal must not be present at the decoration stage, to avoid having it play with the balls because otherwise, it will associate it with a game. Unfortunately, you need to avoid pendants and shiny objects that attract the cat, opting for paper and felt. However, they must be fixed with the appropriate metal hooks to avoid falling.

What to avoid at Christmas if you have a cat

As in the case of small children, sharp edges and delicate objects must be banned from the house even at Christmas. Then, via the glass decorations, artificial snow (toxic if ingested by the animal), real candles and chocolate decorations. It is also advisable to pay attention to the electrical cables, securing them with adhesive tape and wrapping the excess around the base of the shaft. Masters, regularly check that the cats have not damaged the power cord and always turn off the lights when the cat is alone in the house.

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