Cat insurance: advice, how much it costs and what it covers

Cat insurance may seem extravagant, but it could be the safety of the cat and its owner. There are two types of cat insurance, which is none other than a sort of RC as for cars, but in this case, we speak of felines. The first variant is a policy that covers civil liability towards third parties, no matter whether people or things, but does not release the owner from the legal and civil one in case of damage caused by the animal to third parties. The second variant is one of the preventive health types, as it covers the costs for diseases and for the health of the cat and the owner. Considering that you contact your veterinarian to treat or keep our animal friends healthy, the medical expenses incurred for the cat are likely to compromise the family budget. For this reason, it is an advantage to consider the assumption of taking out insurance also for the home-based insurance. If you are used to hiking outside, there is a risk of injury and accidents, so an economic life preserver to allow the best veterinary care and to repay the damage done to third parties, or even get a refund in case of theft of the cat ( especially if it is a prized one).

Cat insurance: tips for choosing and what it covers

Before signing an insurance policy for your kitty, it is advisable to ask the company what are the parameters to be evaluated so as not to risk paying a very high amount. It can also be stipulated for cat puppies from six months a year, but in this case, the premium increases considerably. The coverage of cat insurance does not include only the damage that the cat can cause to third parties or to the property, but the health of the cat, covering within a maximum the expense incurred by the veterinarian or for specific medicines. In some cases, the owner can choose a kind of prevention package that includes vaccinations and homeopathic treatment, or it can be requested emergency transport coverage of the feline in case of injuries, accidents, etc. in a hundred doctor. Obviously, additional services can be integrated into the policy, but they increase the cost of it.

Cat insurance: price

The cost to insure cats can vary based on the age of the cat and the breed. For example, the insurance for a young, healthy and non-purebred cat has a not excessive annual price, while the rates can increase over 70% if the cat is sick if it is purebred, or in case of risks or problems.

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