Cat attacking ankles, what to do

Why does the cat attack his ankles?

Does the cat attack you or, worse, does it aim at your ankles? It depends how often you adopt this bizarre behavior : if it happens once in a while, it means that the cat is only playing, but when the frequency increases, you are faced with a probable behavioral disorder symptom of discomfort, especially if the ambush in question slips into wounds to other people instead of just being a game.

The cat that attacks the ankles has not gone crazy or spiteful. He is only playing and he is not able to measure out his strength well: it happens that the kittens soon taken away from the mother did not learn the bite inhibition well. But even fear can be the reason for this bizarre behavior: when it hears a loud noise or perceives a threat and attacks the first thing that comes within range, in this case, the ankles of the master who passed by at that time. At times, this aggressiveness is caused by pain, perhaps articular: the animal becomes aggressive because it is ill and does not realize the origin of this unpleasant sensation. So he attacks the first thing that happens to him under his eyes. At other times, it can be a closed place to generate anxiety in the feline. It happens that the cats that live alone at home are little stimulated and, bored and frustrated, they ambush the human. This is because he cannot carry out his usual behavior, that is to explore and go hunting, and to unload his energy he finds other ways.

Cat attacking ankles, what to do

In any case, the bosses must be firm not to stimulate and encourage this behavior, even if for the cat it is perhaps similar to when, as a child, he was fighting with the other kittens: if the feline attacks his ankles, he must shake his feet in front of the muzzle to provoke it. If it is going to attack you again, do not panic and agitation. Do not touch it and make slow movements, leaving it alone to cool down. No screams and no gestures, or worse, walking towards him. These are behaviors that will only make him angrier. When the cat is quiet again, it is better to take it to the vet to find out if there is a health problem at the base of its behavior, be it joint pain, cystitis or something else. If everything is normal, it is better to consult a behaviorist veterinarian, who, having assessed the situation, the environment and the habits of the animal, will surely tell the owner the best way to stimulate it and make this nasty habit disappear.

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