Calculate the age of our cat, see the table

To calculate the age of a domestic cat, the rule of calculating the age of the dog does not apply, ie multiply by seven each year of life.

For the age of the cat, it is necessary to consider other factors, such as the lifestyle and the development of the first years. On average a cat lives fifteen years. But there are cats that live beyond the winds, if domestic.

Two years of a cat’s life can be experienced differently, or rather it is possible that a cat already reaches the age of 15, only in its first year of life. In fact, in the first year of life a cat develops physically and also sexually.

At two years, the cat will be 24 years old. You will need to add more new years.

Calculate the age of cats:

Cat Man

3 months 5 years

6 months 10 years

1 year 15 years

2 years 24 years

3 years 28 years

4 years 32 years

5 years 36 years

6 years 40 years

7 years 44 years

8 years 48 years

9 years 52 years

10 years 56 years

11 years 60 years

12 years 64 years

13 years 68 years

14 years 72 years

18 years 88-91 years

20 years 91-96 years

21 years 96-106 years

Exceeded the first two years, it is necessary to calculate, four years for each year lived by the cat. A cat who is 5 years old is 36 years old.

Cats often live outside and therefore become old very quickly. Cats pampered in homes live longer because they spend their daily lives indoors and not in the elements.

However, if we adopt a kitten that has only a few weeks of life, we can enjoy its growth and even calculate its age.

And what if we meet an adult cat? How do we know what age it is?

Here are some details that we must observe to assign the age to the cat. Teething, sexual maturity, hair and eyes of the cat.

Let’s look at the teeth. If a veterinarian observes spots, this indicates that the cat is old. The deciduous teeth, that is to say, the milk ones, appear between four and six weeks, the permanent teeth appear at four months.

If the cat’s teeth are a little yellowed, it could be between one and two years old, if the cat has white permanent teeth, the cat’s age will be one year.

We observe the presence of tartar on the teeth. Tartar is deposited on the teeth between three and five years.

After looking at the teeth, we try to observe the cat’s muscle tone. The younger kittens have muscle tissue, the older ones a bit bony and flapping skin flaps.

And we come to the hair of a cat.

The hair of the young cat is soft to the touch and when we touch it our hands sink into it. If the cat is old, his coat will also be thinner with areas of gray hair.

The look in a cat.

Even the eyes of a cat tell us something about his age. They are clear if the cat is young, if there are excessive tears, the cat is older.

If we see a thin veil on the cat’s eye, the cat is really very grown-up. He could be up to twelve years old. The iris of young cats is smooth, that of older cats is irregular.

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