Burying dead cats in cemeteries in family graves

Every 2nd November the dear deceased are remembered. It would be nice to allow the burial of domestic animals together with the owners in the niches and family tombs.

It is the proposal that Aidaa, or the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, has sent to the Italian Government in order to transform it into law.

Let cats and other domestic animals, faithful life companions, rest forever alongside their masters. Already today for company pets there are real funerals that cost up to 3000 Euros.

But how and how much does it cost to bury the cat?

Aidan proposal, dead cats buried in the tombs of the masters

The president of Aidan, Lorenzo Croce, on the occasion of the Commemoration of the Dead on 2 November 2017, explains how in New York cats, like other domestic animals, can rest in peace with their master after their earthly life.

According to Aidan, there are over ten million domestic animals that live today in Italian families and about one million dies every year.

The request was also sent to the Lombardy Region, given that it is very forward in the matter of burial and cremation of domestic animals, as well as in the creation of real cemeteries for animals. A place where the owner can visit his cat even after his death.

Dead cats, how and how much does it cost to bury a deceased cat in Italy

The carcasses of the poor mici, after their death, should not be thrown in the garbage or left in a ditch. These are behaviors that are sanctioned with not just fines, as long as they are identified.

The remains of the feline can be cremated or buried in cemeteries for animals or in private land. There are European Union directives, but there is no national law on the matter.

The competence lies with the Regions, while the respective Local Health Authorities and Municipalities have the right to give specific provisions, valid in the territories of competence. The only way to know if there are particular limits or prescriptions is to call and ask for information.

Death of cats, how much it costs cremation and cemetery for animals in Italy

The basic rules, for burial in the garden: check that there is no groundwater in the ground and if the owner of the chosen area is another person or the condominiums, you must have consent.

The lifeless cat should be wrapped in biodegradable bags, or cardboard boxes or bags of natural fabrics. In some areas, the fragrant branches, such as the myrtle or the laurel, rest on the carcasses to remove the predators attracted by the smell of decomposition.

You cannot bury felines or other animals in communal, state, state or public land, let alone in condominium flower beds.

Another solution is the cemetery for the animals, but which costs more than 3000 Euros between tombstone, case, and maintenance of the tomb, and cremation.

For this practice, it is necessary to entrust the body of the deceased animal to a public incinerator for organic waste or a specialized center, which generally collects the remains at home.

Usually, the veterinarian does it, who prepares the transport death certificate, which serves to exclude infectiously and infesting diseases.

Cremation costs from 50 to 60 euros, while the certificate costs 25 to 30 euros. Keep in mind that collective cremations cost less because turning on the oven to burn a single carcass is not cheap.

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