Tips on Cat Care

February 7, 2020

If you are in the hunt for the right type of cat care, then you may need to spend some time figuring out what your options are. There are so many different types of pet health and wellness options available, but you want to make sure that you get a service that will be right for your cat. With cats being such independent animals, it is very important that you take care of them properly, no matter what. Here are some basic tips on how to keep your cat healthy and happy. You can learn more about cats on the blog of the beautiful mother of all cats – Nora Glover.

Cats and spite, how to educate a mischievous cat

November 5, 2019

Some useful suggestions to educate the mischievous cat and improve animal and human coexistence, from eating house plants, scratching the sofa, peeing at home and waking up at night: why do our pets do it? Spite and demands the attention of our pet. Cats and spite, how to calm a spiteful cat Even if we […]

Photographing a cat: secrets for taking perfect pictures

November 4, 2019

Taking perfect photos with your cat has never been easier As family members, cats have the right to become part of family photos: in France and England, luxury portraits for their pets are a real fashion, but in this case, Italy has demonstrated at the cutting edge. There are many Italian agencies dedicated to portraits […]

Cats and summer heat emergency: tips and suggestions

November 3, 2019

The heat has arrived and with the rising of the temperatures in Italy, after the cold of this crazy spring, the worries for the domestic animals arrive also: the cats could suffer from the summer heat because the increase of the temperature was not gradual and felines can become the main victims. The cats have […]

How to measure the friendship with our cat

November 2, 2019

With a few small tricks, you can understand what your cat thinks of you, thus measuring your friendship with him and trying to find ways to improve it day after day. Purring cat The cast is the main signal that sends always the cat towards his master, showing that with us our friend feels safe […]

Male and female cat differences: how to recognize them?

November 1, 2019

It is said that a male cat is much more cuddly than the female cat, more hunter and wild. Instead, every feline has its own personality regardless of gender. Experiences during his first months of life can irreparably mark a cat, just as it does for human beings. And as humans have predominant characters, but […]

New Year’s barrels and cats, how to limit damage

October 30, 2019

The roar of firecrackers, fireworks, and barrels trigger in animals a natural reaction of fear that frequently leads them to lose their orientation, thus exposing them to the risk of loss or investment. Cats and New Year, pay attention to the barrels How to safeguard pets from New Year’s barrels? Lots of animal protection and […]

Pregnancy, cats can harm women’s health?

October 26, 2019

The cats could have negative effects on the health of women in pregnancy. This is very surprising news, which often circulates on the web with explanations that are too vague and that we will try to analyze considering the real risks to which future mothers could be subjected. The risk theoretically exists according to experts […]

Cat attacking ankles, what to do

October 23, 2019

Why does the cat attack his ankles? Does the cat attack you or, worse, does it aim at your ankles? It depends how often you adopt this bizarre behavior : if it happens once in a while, it means that the cat is only playing, but when the frequency increases, you are faced with a […]

How cats behave when it rains and why some go in the rain

October 16, 2019

How does our four-legged pet behave when it rains or a thunderstorm is coming: is it normal for our feline to love being underwater during a downpour? The behavior of cats when it rains, what a cat does when it feels the rain The ancients are never wrong, and when they say that a cat […]

Cats, flea and tick alarms even in winter

October 12, 2019

Despite the cold, the parasites that infest the hair and the skin of small cats can create a dangerous infestation in the home: what to do to eradicate fleas and ticks permanently. How to fight fleas and ticks in winter Fleas and ticks represent one of the most frequent problems encountered in a domestic friend, […]

Burying dead cats in cemeteries in family graves

September 29, 2019

Every 2nd November the dear deceased are remembered. It would be nice to allow the burial of domestic animals together with the owners in the niches and family tombs. It is the proposal that Aidaa, or the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, has sent to the Italian Government in order […]

Cat insurance: advice, how much it costs and what it covers

September 26, 2019

Cat insurance may seem extravagant, but it could be the safety of the cat and its owner. There are two types of cat insurance, which is none other than a sort of RC as for cars, but in this case, we speak of felines. The first variant is a policy that covers civil liability towards […]

Dogs and cats can be kissed on the mouth, the search

September 23, 2019

According to recent research by Dr. Charles Raison who coordinates Arizona University, those who own dogs and cats can continue to be fond of them. There are many people who showed their affection by giving kisses to the dog on the mouth or to the kitten. According to Dr. Charles Raison, there is no danger […]

Castration and sterilization cat, pros and cons

September 17, 2019

When it comes to sterilization or castration, they are all in the front row to say that the barbaric procedures to subject their cat. Surely, those who think in this way, despite being in good faith, do not consider the fact that cats go into heat at least twice a year and that they can […]

Cat in the garden, tips for his health

September 15, 2019

Useful tips and basic information to manage a cat outdoors, or to get it out of the house and get it used to outdoors Is the cat better inside or outside the home? Unlike the dog, the cat does not like to be leashed so it is more difficult to allow it to live outdoors […]

Ignition heating 2017, how to treat cats in winter

September 9, 2019

Suggestions and advice on how to turn on radiators without harming our feline friends: all about heating up 2017 in the presence of cats and how to treat them in winter with regards to shelters, feeding and the ration of water How to treat cats in winter: advice on heating, feeding, and water When we […]

How to transform a cat-friendly home

September 8, 2019

A pet is arriving: how to prepare the house in order to facilitate the coexistence between cat and man? Cat-friendly house, how to furnish it and what to buy for the cat Transforming a cat-sized apartment can be much easier if enthusiasm is moved by the same animal. It is not an easy decision, but […]

Calculate the age of our cat, see the table

September 7, 2019

To calculate the age of a domestic cat, the rule of calculating the age of the dog does not apply, ie multiply by seven each year of life. For the age of the cat, it is necessary to consider other factors, such as the lifestyle and the development of the first years. On average a […]

Cats in the summer: how to transport them by car

September 6, 2019

Travel and transport the cats safely to avoid dangerous heat stroke Cats, fantastic and somewhat mysterious animals, but summer is their Achilles heel: mind you, the cats survive very well at all temperatures thanks to their own hair. Long and medium-haired cats are also calibrated for winter, while short-haired or hairless cats are widespread in […]